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Teach Your Customer About Your Business


Everyone has access to an infinite amount of information. They can and do research before they buy. They research your product and your business. Make sure you have something you can give them, to help them understand what you do and why they should purchase from you.

You are the expert in your field. Use that knowledge to write a guide, then use your guide to find and educate your current and future customers. The more you tell, the more you sell. Build a relationship with your customers, give them the information they need and they will be loyal customers for life.

Write your guide of less than 3000 words now, concentrate on your general business not you specifically. For an idea visit The Simple Guide To Tea. They have a great free ebook they make available to their customers, they also use it for online marketing to identify new customers who are interested in tea. You can also see on the left hand side, advertising for A premium tea supplier.

As an introductory offer The Simple Guide To ... will convert your guide to multiple electronic formats and advertise your business for FREE for 3 months. After the offer you have the choice to continue with the advertising, our rates vary from $30 to $1000 a month, we have a budget for everyone. Your guide will always be available to you and your customers on The Simple Guide To ...

Submit you work now at E-Mail TSGT or contact us for more information.