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The Simple Guide To

The Simple Guide To ... wants to give individuals or businesses the opportunity to share their experience/expertise by creating an e-book about something they are passionate about. We did it with our book about tea. These books can be sold over the internet, we do all the legwork for you, or you can have the book marketed on the internet for free and provide it to your customers as a thank you. With The Simple Guide To Tea we give it away free to Promote customer interaction and loyalty, as they know we are well educated about the tea we provide. Our goal is to create a site full of expertly written guides in a short simple format so people can learn and enjoy at the same time. If you have what it takes and like the thought of your masterpiece being available to anyone and everyone, look at our publishing guidelines and submit your work.

Chris Scott was born and raised in England and now lives in Canada. Chris likes to browse and search the internet for interesting information and wanted a conduit to share this information. The result, he started writing the Simple Guide To series of books. The guides are designed to be short and easy to read on any E Book reader, they can also be downloaded as a pdf or text document. The idea is for the guides to be available when and where people need them. Chris is working closely with experts in their fields to provide more e-books for you enjoyment.

These are a few of the other topics we are working on..

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